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  LR-1509 CNC Router
PC based CNC control.
Graphic conversational input function.
Powerful vacuum suction table.
Variable spindle speed controlled by frequency inverter.
Air cylinder counter-balance on Z-axis for high machining accuracy.
Heavy gauge steel frame of machine is tempered for deformation-free.
Linear guide ways on 3 axes.
3 axes traverses are transmitted by high precision ball screws, and driven by servo motors.
The spindle accommodates router bit and shaper cutter. (LR-1509 only)
18,000 RPM high spindle speed.
Air cooling for spindle.
Shaper Cutter (LR-1509 only)
The spindle not only accommodates various router bits, but also can be fitted with a shaper cutter.
Vacuum Suction Table
*The table is fitted with a compact board drilled with holes for vacuum suction.
*The positions of vacuum suction holes can be drilled according to customer's workpiece types.
Vacuum Pressure Meter
*A vacuum pressure meter is provided at the front of the table for checking vacuum pressure. The machine does not operate until the vacuum pressure reaches the setting value.

Independently mounted CNC control
The CNC control box is mounted on an independent stand, can be moved to any position as desired. This increases operational convenience for the operator.
  Powerful Vacuum Generator
The vacuum generator provides extra powerful vacuum for the table, that holds workpiece securely during machining.
Variable Spindle Speed by Frequency Inverter Control
*The spindle running is controlled by a frequency inverter, allowing for variable speed change.
*Wide spindle speed range from 500 to 18,000 RPM makes the machine ideal for cutting various types of wood material.
  Dependable Control Circuit
The control circuit uses high quality electronic parts, that feature maximum dependability of motion controls and long service life.
Air Cylinder Counter-balance
The spindle head is counter-balanced by an air cylinder, which upgrades machining stability and accuracy.
Automatic Lubricator
*The automatic lubricator delivers lubrication oil to all slideways, resulting in extremely smooth movements on 3 axes.
*Lubrication frequency and oil flow may be adjusted as desired.
Various Interfaces
The controller is provided with ports for DNC and internet transfer and accommodates a 3.5”disk.
Direct-drive Ball Screw on Y- axis
*The Y- axis ball screw is directly driven by a servomotor, which eliminates backlash problem while providing positive transmission effect.
*A coupling is equipped between the servo motor and the ball screw, that provides accurate transmission of the desired motion produced by the servo motor.
Description :
Capacity Max. workpiece sizes(LxWxH) 1500 x950 x 200 mm
X-axis travel 1500 mm
Y-axis travel 900 mm
Travel Z-axis travel 230 mm
Spindle nose to table 235 mm
Spindle center to column face 1000 mm
Feed Rate X,Y,Z - axis rapid traverse 16 M/min
Cutting feed rate 6 M/min
Table Table sizes 900 x 1500 mm
Spindle Spindle speed (variable) 500 ~ 20,000 rpm (built~in)
Spindle diameter Ø40 mm
Spindle taper ER 32
Motor Spindle motor 7.5 HP
X,Y,Z- axis motor X:1 KW, Y:1.5 KW, Z:0.75 KW (With brake)
Vacuum pump motor 5 HP
Cutter Rouer bit sizes 3~40 mm
Collet sizes 3~16 mm
Max. shaper cutter sizes (Dia.x length) Ø125 x50 mm
Others Air pressure required 6 kgf/cm2
Net weight 2000 Kgs
Gross weight 2200 kgs
Machine size 230 x 260 x 213 cm
Packing dimensions 252 x 228 x 180 cm