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4 sides type(T):(Industrial type)
1. This machine is 4-side profiling and sanding machine, and is suitable for complicate linear profiling sanding and can be matched with forming units.
2. In this model, both the sanding belt speed and feeding speed are variable with inverter and is suitable for sanding all kinds of wood products.
3. All the mechanisms of this model are heavy-duty mechanisms with fine-tuning of up/down/forward / backward and angle adjustment. The adjustment is easy, accurate and stable.
4. The triangular belt seat of Type 80 of this model has a vibration and dust blowing function, which serve to increase the functions and life of sand belt sanding function, and the tightness of sand belt is compressed air manual control, which is easy to and fast in change.
5. The triangular belt seat of Type 80 if this model has automatic sanding media and material retrieving functions, which can keep the work piece from being chamfered while sanding.
6. The A-type spindle sanding seal of this machine has automatic supply function, enable the sanding action continuing and ensure the sanding precision of the curved surface.
7. The A-type mechanism of this model can be changed to B-type mechanism and is equipped with sanding belt vibration function.
8. B-type connecting wheel sanding seat of this model has sand belt vibration function, which increases the functions and service life of sand belt.
9. The material pressing function of this model is in multiple points separate pressing and suitable for the feeding and sanding of irregular surface material.
10. The feeding material of this model is stage-feeding, which keeps the work piece from separating and the sanding wheel would not be damaged, sand belt would not be broken and fore and back of work piece would not be chamfered.
11. The model is fitted with automatic feeding device.